Welcome .....My name is Gill Taylor and way back when leg warmers were an absolute must and you were never seen without your sparkly leotard,  I set up  the first Fitness classes and Personal Training  in Bude. This was 1992 , when Madonna was the only person who had a PT,  High Impact Aerobics was the HIIT of the day and Step had just been launched , and , SORRY , but I found a photo.....It's hidden  in the Gallery!!!

Much has changed and yet it hasn't. Many of the old school classes have just been remarketed under a new name and are all still as enjoyable  The significant change has been in our knowledge and expertise, and the modern day Instructor is far more advanced than ever we were when the industry was in its infancy.

    Below you will see some of my portfolio. Basically , it is a list of qualifications.

What is more important and, in my mind,far more helpful , is that over the years I have lived through Depression and Anxiety, I have also been seriously obese with Binge Eating Disorder. These experiences have provided me with far more insight and understanding than any text book and I now use this knowledge to help me understand and help my clients.


I believe fitness  has to be part of a healthy lifestyle and not just for New Year ,


it has to be both achievable and fun .

I have had the privilege to meet and work with some extraordinary people in my life. Individuals  who have crossed Antartica , climbed ridiculously high mountains

and circumnavigated the World, sailed oceans , run deserts and

cycled Continents.

I have also met and worked with others who have lived with  life changing conditions.

  Ex-Servicemen and women  who have been severely traumatised , who have  also managed to achieve so many things , against all odds , that  have left me amazed and in complete awe.

  Their  love of life,  and achievements  have inspired and influenced how I think and what I do and make me appreciate every day.

Work History and Experience.

​ Originally from Whitby , North Yorkshire and a short time living in South Africa, Gill has worked in the Fitness Industry since 1992 , running her own business  delivering personal training , instructor training workshops and classes.

In 2007 she qualified as an Occupational Therapist and has worked for a number of

mental health organisations and charities including  six years working with  traumatised

Ex-Service Personnel   .


 Gill  has also worked on the North York Moors as an assistant shepherdess,  as a long term groom with event horses  , crew for a  yacht delivery company and as a volunteer overseas, which she is still very much involved with.  

  • ·                BSc (Hons.) Occupational Therapy

  • ·                HND Agriculture

  • ·                Obesity and Diabetes Management Level 4    

  • ·                GP Exercise on Prescription Level 3 ( Teesside University)

  • ·                Specialist Mental Health Certificate in Exercise Referral Level 4

  • ·                AFAA International Personal Training Certificate

  • ·                INWA Nordic Walking Instructor Certificate

  • ·                RSA Exercise to Music. YMCA

  • ·                Weights and Circuit Training Certificate

  • ·                Exercise Outdoors Certificate. 

  • ·                Step Reebok/Core Reebok/Functional Strength

  • ·                Emergency First Aid

  • ·                THRIVE Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Certificate

   (Full portfolio available)

Registered with :

·              Health Care Professionals Council 

·              Royal College of Occupational Therapy

·              College of Occupational Therapy Specialist Section-Independent Practitioners.

·              Fitness Professionals

·              Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity

               Fitness Professionals

·              British Nordic Walking