What  is Occupational Therapy?


Occupational Therapy does what it says on the tin. It uses occupation as therapy and always considers the whole person. As human beings we are naturally active.

We work, we play, we have hobbies, and we have family, friends and a social network.

All of these activities determine who we are and provide us with our identity.


When we are ill or injured, these areas of our lives are often interrupted or stopped and it is the Occupational Therapist’s job to help put these back in place, to help you to Recover your extraordinary life. 

Whilst challenging, the Recovery process can be both positive and


Sometimes the best ways to Recovery are beyond the confines of the

home . I use the natural environment to enrich the recovery process.


Every client is unique and , therefore, I consider what

activities are most meaningful to you, be that

meeting friends for coffee or climbing Ben Nevis.


I am constantly inspired by my clients

in overcoming what can sometimes be

overwhelming circumstances.

I aim  to promote recovery, support health

and well-being, maximise quality of life and

instill hope.



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