Specially designed fitness training programmes foccussing on your specific goals . Individually tailored to inspire and motivate.

These can be run as a 1:1 or why not join up with friends and share the ups, the downs , and the cost? 


The evidence suggests that having a Personal Trainer to coach you in your training gets much better results than training on your own .


Key Points 

1. You must feel comfortable and respond to your trainer. I am very specific as to who I will use as PT for myself. It doesn't matter how well qualified they are , there are some Instructors that I just know I won't listen to and they won't be able to get the best out of me.

             I run your first session for free so that you can then decide if you would like to commit to a programme.  


2. Every Instructor will have a Specialist field , so hunt them down and be quite choosy  What do you want from the training ? Who will be best at providing that ?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat .

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     Where are you heading ?

    What do you want achieve?